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FREUND Christian


Université de Strasbourg
61, avenue de la Forêt Noire
67085 STRASBOURG Cedex

Courriel : c.freund




Economist. Degrees from St. Gallen, Switzerland (B.A., M.A.) and Kiel, Germany (Ph.D.). Focus : Computational Economics, Agent-Based Modeling (ABMs), Quantitative Finance, and History of Economic Thought. After stints at the European Central Bank (Frankfurt, Macroprudential Regulation) and UBS (Zurich, Group Level Risk Models) back in academia. Spends his free time learning about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and can express himself reasonably well in R, Python and C++ (as long as stackoverflow is online...).

More detail needed ? Find me on LinkedIn.

Talk to me about matters in the above mentioned areas of interest/expertise (preferably in English, not French). Voilà some questions I carry around with me these days / potential conversation starters :

  • How do racial and economic segregation interact ?
  • What roles do adaptive volatility expectations have in ABMs of financial markets, and what are the implications for volatility dynamics ?
  • Are recent criticisms on NLLS estimations of log-periodic power laws fundamentally justified, or are the shortcomings mainly due to an inadequate estimation approach ?
  • How can we move beyond the Newton-inspired paradigm in (macro)economics, towards an approach better suited to current and future challenges in economics & society ? (Yes, this is too broad, I know)
  • DNNs in Finance.
  • Evolution of money.
  • Applications of network theory in economics & finance.
  • Cryptos & Blockchain