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The BETA Lab

Presentation of the BETA lab

Laboratory Director : Bertrand KOEBEL (Unistra)
Deputy Directors : Bruno JEANDIDIER (CNRS, UL) and Julien PENIN (Unistra)

BETA, the Bureau for Economic Theory and Applications, is a French research laboratory with the status of a Joint Research Unit (“Unité Mixte de Recherche” – UMR) as it is recognised and backed by the University of Strasbourg, the University of Lorraine and the CNRS, the French National Centre for Scientific Research. Till today it is the only economics and management UMR in Eastern France. Based on two main sites – in Strasbourg and in Nancy (and to some extent in Metz and Mulhouse) – the BETA lab benefits from a total working area of 2,300 m².

Founded in Strasbourg in 1972, associated to the CNRS since 1985, the BETA lab covers a wide range of activities, relating to both fundamental research and applied research in economics and management. Since the early days, it has evolved around research areas connected to the theories of microeconomics and macroeconomics and it is the heir to a long tradition in the history of economic thought. The laboratory has also engaged in specific themes, often drawn from a fruitful synergy of so-called “theoretical” and “applied” approaches, as suggested in the abbreviation BETA, such as innovation economics, technology and organisation management, the evaluation of environmental assets, the study of the training-employment relationship and economic history. Finally, specific tools and approaches have been cultivated over the years to become genuine collective skills : modelling techniques, cliometrics, econometrics, evaluation and forecasting methods, experimental economics, to mention only the main examples.
Since January 2005, BETA has increased its outreach in the Lorraine region by including a research unit that initially was part of another UMR, whose main specialisations were at that time law and economics, labour economics and social policies.

Today BETA is composed of 115 permanent staff members (professors, research directors, university lecturers, researchers, engineers and technicians), 55 PhD students and 77 associated members and postdoctoral fellows.

In order to successfully manage such a diversity BETA is organised around two internal structures :

- The lab administration is carried out by a research support team composed of administrative, technical and financial staff members under the supervision of the lab management.

- The scientific activity is divided into seven research areas :

Area 1 : Routines, communities, networks (Leader : Robin Cowan, Unistra)

Area 2 : Behaviour and markets (Leader : Jocelyn Donze, Unistra)

Area 3 : Macroeconomic fluctuations, growth and policies (Leader : Phu Nguyen-Van, CNRS)

Area 4 : Science, technology, innovation (Co-leaders : Laurent Bach and Patrick Llerena, Unistra)

Area 5 : Labour economics, training, employment and social policies (Leader : Jean-Alain Héraud, Unistra)

Area 6 : Law and economics (Leader : Myriam Doriat-Duban, UL)

Area 7 : Cliometrics and history of economic thought (Co-leaders : Claude Diebolt, CNRS, and Ragip Ege, Unistra)

Organisation Chart of the BETA lab (situation as of Sept. 1, 2015)

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