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Lawyer Fee Arrangements and Litigation Outcomes (with P-H. Morand), under revision.

Settlement Implications of Lawyer Advertising (with T. Friehe and E-A. Lambert), submitted.

Actions en justice et rémunération des avocats : une revue de la littérature (with M. Doriat-Duban and E-A. Lambert), submitted.

Legal Fees, Cost-Shifting Rules and Litigation : Experimental Evidence (with E. Peterle and J-C. Tisserand), submitted.

Opting for the English Rule : On the Contractual Re-Allocation of Legal Fees (with M. Ayouni and T. Friehe), submitted.

Bargaining and Chilling Effect (with M. Ayouni, E-A. Lambert and Y. Oytana).

Litigation and Discovery (with M. Ayouni and T. Friehe).


On Lawyer Compensation when Appeals are Possible, The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, forthcoming (with C. At and T. Friehe)

On Plaintiff Preferences Regarding Methods of Compensating Lawyers, Review of Law & Economics, forthcoming (with T. Friehe).

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L’apport de l’économie expérimentale dans l’élaboration des politiques publiques. Revue Française d’Economie, 2013, 18, 155-194 (with S. Ferey and N. Jacquemet).

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