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Working Papers - 2015

# 2015-01 «Playing the game the others want to play: Keynes’ beauty contest revisited.», Camille Cornand, Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira

# 2015-02 «Spillover effects in a monetary union: Why fiscal policy instruments matter?», Amélie Barbier-Gauchard, Thierry Betti, Giuseppe Diana

# 2015-03 «Interest Rates, Eurobonds and Intra-European Exchange Rate Misalignments: the Challenge of Sustainable Adjustments in the Eurozone.», Vincent Duwicquet, Jacques Mazier, Jamel Saadaoui

# 2015-04 «DO SELF-THEORIES EXPLAIN OVERCONFIDENCE AND FINANCIAL RISK TAKING? A field experiment.», Bertrand Koebel, André Schmitt, Sandrine Spaeter

# 2015-05 «Environmental Kuznets Curve and Economic Growth: The Role of Institutional Quality and Distributional Heterogeneity Revisited.», Tapas Mishra, Mamata Parhi, Claude Diebolt, Prashant Gupta

# 2015-06 «Stochastic Economic Growth and Volatile Population Dynamics: Past Imperfect and Future Tense.», Tapas Mishra, Claude Diebolt, Mamata Parhi

# 2015-07 «Does sector-specific experience matter? The case of European higher education ministers.», Julien Jacqmin, Mathieu Lefebvre

# 2015-08 «Replacing the Polluter Pays Principle by the Cheapest Cost Avoider Principle: On the Efficient Treatment of External Costs.», Dieter Schmidtchen, Jenny Helstroffer , Christian Koboldt

# 2015-09 «Becoming “We” Instead of “I”, Identity Management and Incentives in the Workplace.», Jocelyn Donze, Trude Gunnes

# 2015-10 «Efficient and fair allocation of aid», Patrick Guillaumont, Phu Nguyen-Van, Thi Kim Cuong Pham, Laurent Wagner

# 2015-11 «Aid, Trade and Migration : How are OECD countries policies connected in times of crisis?», Aurore Gary, Audrey-Rose Menard

# 2015-12 «Comment appréhender les temporalités de l’histoire économique ? Plaidoyer pour une cliométrie des événements rares.», Claude Diebolt

# 2015-13 «The Unfolding of Gender Gap in Education.», Nadir Altinok, Abdurrahman Aydemir

# 2015-14 «Déclassement et reclassement des diplômés : une confrontation des appréciations subjectives et objective.», Magali Jaoul-Grammare, Philippe Lemistre

# 2015-15 «Productivity and performance in the public sector.», Mathieu Lefebvre, Sergio Perelman, Pierre Pestieau

# 2015-16 «How can the labor market accounts for the effectiveness of fiscal policy over the business cycle?», Thierry Betti, Thomas Coudert

# 2015-17 «The effects of firing costs on the wage contracts under adverse selection.», Anne Bucher, Sébastien Ménard

# 2015-18 «A ’Jump’ in the Stochasticity of the Solow-Swan Growth Model.», Claude Diebolt, Tapas Mishra, Mamata Parhi

# 2015-19 «‘Adapted’ Habitat Evaluation Procedure and Choice Experiment: substitutes or complements?», Anne Rozan, Nathalie Dumax, Bénédicte Rulleau

# 2015-20 «The banking crisis with interbank market freeze.», Jin Cheng, Meixing Dai, Frédéric Dufourt

# 2015-21 «Clio’s Contributions to Economics and History», Claude Diebolt, Michael Haupert

# 2015-22 «Education, productivité et gain. Retour sur les approches critiques de l’enchaînement causal de la théorie du capital humain.», Valérie Canals, Claude Diebolt, Magali Jaoul-Grammare

# 2015-23 «Farmers’ adoption of organic production.», Cuong Le Van, Nguyen To The

# 2015-24 «Building and Using Databases for Cliometric Research on Education and Demography: An Introduction to “HISTAT”. », Claude Diebolt, Gabriele Franzmann, Jürgen Sensch

# 2015-25 «Government expenditure, external and domestic public debts, and economic growth.», Duc-Anh Le, Cuong Le Van, Phu Nguyen-Van, Amélie Barbier-Gauchard

# 2015-26 «Productivity, resource endowment and trade performance of the wood product sector.», Bertrand M. Koebel, Anne-Laure Levet, Phu Nguyen-Van, Indradev Purohoo, Ludovic Guinard

# 2015-27 «Une éducation pour tous de qualité : une analyse statistique sur les pays d’Afrique subsaharienne.», Nadir Altinok

# 2015-28 «Did Gender-Bias Matter in the Quantity- Quality Trade-off in the 19th Century France ?», Claude Diebolt, Tapas Mishra, Faustine Perrin

# 2015-29 «Consommation d’énergie et croissance économique en Afrique subsaharienne», Florian Grosset, Phu Nguyen-Van

# 2015-30 «Is there justification for alimony payments? A survey of the empirical literature.», Bruno Jeandidier, Helen Lim

# 2015-31 «Determinants of corruption: Can we put all countries in the same basket?», Blaise Gnimassoun, Joseph Keneck

# 2015-32 «Central bank accountability under adaptive learning.», Marine Charlotte André, Meixing Dai