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Working Papers - 2021

# 2021-01 «Forecasting the Stability and Growth Pact compliance using Machine Learning», Kéa Baret, Amélie Barbier-Gauchard, Théophilos Papadimitriou

# 2021-02 «On the Origins of the Demographic Transition Rethinking the European Marriage Pattern», Faustine Perrin

# 2021-03 «Family and Women in Alfred Marshall’s Analysis of Progress and Well-being», Virginie Gouverneur

# 2021-04 «Macroepidemics and unconventional monetary policy: Coupling macroeconomics and epidemiology in a financial DSGE-SIR framework», Verónica Acurio Vásconez, Olivier Damette, David W. Shanafelt

# 2021-05 «Adapting forest management practices to climate change: Lessons from a survey of French private forest owners», Julie Thomas, Marielle Brunette, Antoine Leblois

# 2021-06 «The effect of international accreditations on students’ decisions: Evidence from French business schools», Julien Jacqmin, Mathieu Lefebvre

# 2021-07 «Efficiency of sharing liability rules: An experimental case», Serge Garcia, Julien Jacob, Eve-Angéline Lambert