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From 01/09/2016 until 31/08/2016 :
Maître de Conférences
en Sciences Économiques
BETA, Université de Strasbourg
61, avenue de la Forêt Noire
67085 STRASBOURG Cedex
Email : giuseppe.attanasi
Curriculum Vitae             Personal website
Since September 1st, 2016 :
Professeur des Universités
en Sciences Économiques
LEM, Université de Lille 1
Faculté des Sciences Economiques et Sociales
Cité Scientifique
59655 Villeneuve d’Ascq Cedex (France)
Publications while being member of the BETA :

1) Attanasi, G., Corazzini, L. and F. Passarelli (2016), Voting as a Lottery. Journal of Public Economics, in print. [CNRS-1] 

2) Attanasi, G., Hopfensitz, A., Lorini, E. and F. Moisan (2016). Social Connectedness Improves Co-ordination on Individually Costly, Efficient Outcomes. European Economic Review, 90, 86-106. [CNRS-1] 

3) Attanasi, G., Battigalli, P., and E. Manzoni (2016). Incomplete Information Models of Guilt Aversion in the Trust Game.  Management Science, 62, 648-667. [CNRS-1eg] 

4) Attanasi, G., Centorrino, S. and I. Moscati (2016), Over-the-counter Markets vs. Double Auctions : A Comparative Experimental StudyJournal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 63, 22-35. [CNRS-4] 

5) Attanasi, G. and K. Boun My (2016). Jeu du Dictateur et Jeu de la Confiance : Préférences Distributives vs. Préférences Dépendantes des Croyances. L’Actualité Economique, 92, 1-39. [CNRS-4] 

6) Attanasi, G., García-Gallego, A., Georgantzís, N. and A. Montesano (2015). Bargaining over Strategies of Non-Cooperative Games. Games, 6, 273-298. [AERES] 

7) de Palma, A., Abdellaoui, M., Attanasi, G., Ben-Akiva, M., Fehr-Duda, H., Erev, I., Fok, D., Fox, C.R., Hertwig, R., Picard, N., Wakker, P.P., Walker, J.L. and M. Weber (2014). Beware of Black Swans : Taking Stock of the Description-experience Gap in Decision under Uncertainty. Marketing Letters, 25, 269-280. [CNRS-2] 

8) Attanasi, G., Corazzini, L., Georgantzis, N., and F. Passarelli (2014). Risk Aversion, Over-Confidence and Private Information as Determinants of Majority Thresholds. Pacific Economic Review, 19, 355-386. [CNRS-3] 

9) Attanasi, G., Gollier, C., Montesano, A., and N. Pace (2014). Eliciting Ambiguity Aversion in Unknown and in Compound Lotteries : A Smooth Ambiguity Model Experimental Study. Theory and Decision, 77, 485-530. [CNRS-2] 

10) Angelova, V., Armantier, O., Attanasi, G., and Y. Hiriart (2014). Relative Performance of Liability Rules : Experimental Evidence. Theory and Decision, 77, 531-556. [CNRS-2] 

11) Attanasi, G., Hopfensitz, A., Lorini, E., and F. Moisan (2014). The Effects of Social Ties on Coordination : Conceptual Foundations for an Empirical Analysis. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, 13, 47-73. [AERES] 

12) Attanasi, G., Casoria, F., Centorrino, S., and G. Urso (2013). Cultural Investment, Local Development and Instantaneous Social Capital : A Case Study of a Gathering Festival in the South of Italy. Journal of Socio-Economics, 47, 228-247. [CNRS-4] 

13) Attanasi, G., García-Gallego, A., Georgantzís, N., and A. Montesano (2013). An Experiment on Prisoner’s Dilemma with Confirmed Proposals. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 120, 216-227. [CNRS-1] 

14) Attanasi, G., García-Gallego, A., Georgantzís, N., and A. Montesano (2012). Environmental Agreements as a Hawk-Dove Game with Confirmed Proposals. Environmental Economics, 4, 34-42. [CNRS-4]