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Responsabilités et distinctions


IDEX attractivité 2014 ’The Euro Crisis : Where Do We Stand ?’ funded by the University of Strasbourg. Total funding amount : 25000 EUR.

Scientific and administrative responsibilities

Co-organizer of the Cournot seminar from 2020 to present.
Third ERMEES Macroeconomics Workshop ’20 Years of the Euro : Paths for the Future ?’ December 2019. Scientific committee.
Member of the recruitment committee : University Paris-VIII (2017).
Associate researcher at the Center of Economics of Paris North (CEPN) 2016 to present.
Elected member of French national council of universities (CNU) 2016 to present.
First ERMEES Macroeconomics Workshop : The Euro Crisis : Where Do We Stand ? October 2015. Project leader : scientific and local committee.
Elected member of the laboratory council of the Center of Economics of Paris North (CEPN) 2010-



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