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Travaux de recherche

Peer-reviewed Publications :

- Barnard, H., Cowan, R., and Müller, M., 2012. Global excellence at the expense of local diffusion, or a bridge between two worlds ? Research in science and technology in the developing world. Research Policy, 41(4) : 756-769.

- Bureth, A., Müller, M., Pénin, J., and Wolff, S., 2007. Brevet, innovation modulaire et collaboration. Revue d’économie industrielle, 120(4) : 135-154.

- Müller, M., Sensfuss, F., and Wietschel, M., 2007. Simulation of current pricing-tendencies in the German electricity market for private consumption. Energy Policy, 35(8) : 4283-4294.

Working papers :

- Barnard, H., Cowan, R., Kirman, A., and Müller, M. 2016. Including excluded groups : The slow racial transformation of the South African university system. Working Paper Series BETA #2016-04.

- Barnard, H., Cowan, R., and Müller M. 2016. On the value of foreign PhDs in the developing world : Training versus selection effects. Working Paper Series BETA #2016-04.

- Müller, M., Cowan, R., Duysters, and G., Jonard, N. 2009. Knowledge structures and complementarities in the pharmaceutical industry. Working Paper BETA #2009-24.

Book chapters :

- Arman, R., Müller, M. 2017. Management of creativity in a large-scale research facility. In : Wagner, M., Valls-Pasola, J., and Burger-Helmchen, T. (Eds.), The Global Management of Creativity, 140-158. Routledge Taylor and Francis Group, London and New York.

- Barnard, H., Cowan, R., Müller, M. 2015. The role of global connectedness in the development of indigenous science in middle-income countries. In : Archibugi, D., Filippetti, A. (Eds.), The Handbook of Global Science, Technology, and Innovation, 382-406. John Wiley & sons, Ltd.

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