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Travaux de recherche

Publications :

- Relative Productivity and Search Unemployment in an Open Economy, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (avec L. Bertinelli et O. Cardi), 2020,
- Imperfect Mobility of Labor across Sectors and Fiscal Transmission, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control  (avec O. Cardi et P. Claeys), 2020, vol. 111, 103815

- Imperfect Mobility of Labor across Sectors : a Reappraisal of the Balassa-Samuelson Effect, Journal of International Economics (avec O. Cardi), 2015, vol. 97(2), 249-265

- Fiscal Shocks in a Two-Sector Open Economy with Endogenous Markups, Macroeconomic Dynamics (avec O. Cardi), 2015, vol. 19 (8), 1839-1865

- Unanticipated vs. Anticipated Tax Reforms in a Two-Sector Open Economy, Open Economies Review (avec O. Cardi), 2014, vol. 25 (2), 373-406

- Revisiting the Balassa-Samuelson Model with Markup Variations, Louvain Economic Review, 2013, vol. 79(3), 25-69

- A Two-Sector Small Open Economy Model with Monopolistically Competitive Non Traded Markets, 2008, International Economics, vol. 115, 165-192



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