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Articles in refereed journals

1) Attanasi, G., Hopfensitz, A., Lorini, E. and F. Moisan (2016). Social Connectedness Improves Co-ordination Individually Costly, Efficient Outcomes. European Economic Review, forthcoming.


2) Attanasi, G., Centorrino, S. and I. Moscati (2016), An Experimental Study of Over-the-Counter Market. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, forthcoming.


3) Attanasi, G. and K. Boun My (2016). Jeu du Dictateur et Jeu de la Confiance : Préférences Distributives vs. Préférences Dépendantes des Croyances. Actualité Economique, forthcoming.


4) Attanasi, G., Battigalli, P., and E. Manzoni (2015). Incomplete Information Models of Guilt Aversion in the Trust Game. Management Science, in print.


5) Attanasi, G., García-Gallego, A., Georgantzís, N. and A. Montesano (2015). Bargaining over Strategies of Non-Cooperative Games. Games, 6, 273-298.


6) de Palma, A., Abdellaoui, M., Attanasi, G., Ben-Akiva, M., Fehr-Duda, H., Erev, I., Fok, D., Fox, C.R., Hertwig, R., Picard, N., Wakker, P.P., Walker, J.L. and M. Weber (2014). Beware of Black Swans : Taking Stock of the Description-experience Gap in Decision under Uncertainty. Marketing Letters, 25, 269-280.


7) Attanasi, G., Corazzini, L., Georgantzis, N., and F. Passarelli (2014). Risk Aversion, Over-Confidence and Private Information as Determinants of Majority Thresholds. Pacific Economic Review, 19, 269-280.


8) Attanasi, G., Gollier, C., Montesano, A., and N. Pace (2014). Eliciting Ambiguity Aversion in Unknown and in Compound Lotteries : A Smooth Ambiguity Model Experimental Study. Theory and Decision, 77, 485-530.


9) Angelova, V., Armantier, O., Attanasi, G., and Y. Hiriart (2014). Relative Performance of Liability Rules : Experimental Evidence. Theory and Decision, 77, 531-556.


10) Attanasi, G., Hopfensitz, A., Lorini, E., and F. Moisan (2014). The Effects of Social Ties on Coordination : Conceptual Foundations for an Empirical Analysis. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, 13, 47-73.


11) Attanasi, G., Casoria, F., Centorrino, S., and G. Urso (2013). Cultural Investment, Local Development and Instantaneous Social Capital : A Case Study of a Gathering Festival in the South of Italy. Journal of Socio-Economics, 47, 228-247.


12) Attanasi, G., García-Gallego, A., Georgantzís, N. and A. Montesano (2013). An Experiment on Prisoner’s Dilemma with Confirmed Proposals. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 120, 216-227.


13) Attanasi, G., García-Gallego, A., Georgantzís, N. and A. Montesano (2012). Environmental Agreements as a Hawk-Dove Game with Confirmed Proposals. Environmental Economics, 4, 34-42.


14) Attanasi, G. (2012). Book Review of ‘The Feeling of Risk : New Perspectives on Risk Perception’, by P. Slovic. Earthscan, London, 2010. Journal of Economic Psychology, 33, 914-917.


15) Attanasi, G. and A. Montesano (2012). The Price for Information about Probabilities and its Relation with Risk and Ambiguity. Theory and Decision, 73, 125-160.


16) Attanasi, G. (2011). Book Review of ‘Prospect Theory : For Risk and Ambiguity’, by P. P. Wakker. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2010. Journal of Economic Psychology, 32, 538-540.


17) Attanasi, G. and A. Montesano (2008). Competing for Endogenous Information in an Irreversible Environmental Resource Problem : A Game-theoretic Analysis. International Game Theory Review, 10, 229-243.

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