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Papers submitted to refereed journals (and/or posted in official WP series)

1) Attanasi, G., Hopfensitz, A., Lorini, E. and F. Moisan (2015), Social Connectedness Improves Coordination on Individually Costly, Efficient Outcomes, WP Toulouse School of Economics.


2) Attanasi, G., Battigalli, G. and R. Nagel (2013), Disclosure of Belief-Dependent Preferences in the Trust Game, IGIER Working Paper 506, Bocconi University.


3) Attanasi, G. and A. Montesano (2013), The Value of Endogenous above Exogenous Information in Irreversible Environmental Decisions, WP 10.01.307, LERNA, University of Toulouse.


4) Attanasi, G., Georgantzís, N., Rotondi, V. and D. Vigani (2015),Eliciting Risk Aversion Parameters from Different Incentivized Tasks : Correlation among Tasks and with Self-reported Risk Attitude, WP University of Reading.


5) Attanasi, G., Cosic, H., Passarelli, F. and G. Urso (2015),Private Management and Financing of a Cultural Event : Do Attendees Perceive it as a Risky Lottery ?, ISLA Working Paper, Bocconi University.


6) d’Albis, H., Attanasi, G. and E. Thibault (2015), Ambiguous Survival Probabilities and Demand for Annuities : An Experimental Test through Charitable Giving, WP Centre d’Economie de la Sorbonne.


7) Ambec, S., Attanasi, G. and A. Reynaud (2015), An Experiment on Resource and Welfare Division through a Modified Trust Game, WP Toulouse School of Economics.

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