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PhD students from Konstanz at BETA

Eight PhD students from Konstanz will spend two months at BETA, in the context of our joint doctoral college in quantitative economics.

You can meet them in the PhD offices No 101, 126, 154, 323.

 Fady Barsoum’s main research interests are in time series analysis, particularly mixed-frequency models, Markov-switching models, dynamic factor models, forecasting, and Bayesian vector autoregression models.

 Andra Filote research interests lie in the field of political economy, especially in the areas of political instability, terrorism, and gender inequality.

 Pinar Kunt’s research interests are experimental economics, behavioral economics and economics of education. She is particularly interested in using naturally occurring data to explore economic questions.

 Christoph Frey is a PhD candidate at the Department of Economics at the University of Konstanz. His research concerns Bayesian methods in econometrics and their application to portfolio optimization and forecasting VAR systems.

 Anna Slavutskaya’s primary research areas include hedge funds and their performance measurement.

 Sandra Stankiewicz’s research focus is on applied time series analysis, especially mixed-frequency and vector autoregressive models. Her last discussion paper is available here.


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