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Working Papers - 2017

# 2017-01 «Human capital accumulation in France at the dawn of the XIXth century: Lessons from the Guizot Inquiry», Magali Jaoul-Grammare, Charlotte Le Chapelain

# 2017-02 «Policy Reform and Gender Inequality in French Higher Education: A Two-Generation Comparative Study», Magali Jaoul-Grammare

# 2017-03 «A Cliometric Model of Unified Growth. Family Organization and Economic Growth in the Long Run of History», Claude Diebolt, Faustine Perrin

# 2017-04 «A Cliometric Counterfactual: What if There Had Been Neither Fogel nor North? », Claude Diebolt, Michael Haupert

# 2017-05 «Cooperation in a differentiated duopoly when information is dispersed: A beauty contest game with endogenous concern for coordination», Camille Cornand, Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira

# 2017-06 «Nudge and Tax in an Environmental Public Goods Experiment: Does Environmental Sensitivity Matter?», Kene Boun My, Benjamin Ouvrard

# 2017-07 «A simple method to study local bifurcations of three and four-dimensional systems: characterizations and economic applications», Stefano Bosi, David Desmarchelier

# 2017-08 «Prime et pénalité salariales à la vie en couple : mariage versus cohabitation», Carole Bonnet, Bruno Jeandidier, Anne Solaz

# 2017-09 «Same but Different? The impact of Research and Technology Organizations versus Universities on firms’ innovation », Giannopoulou Eleni, Barlatier Pierre-Jean, Pénin Julien

# 2017-10 «The Power of Big Data: Historical Time Series on German Education», Claude Diebolt, Gabriele Franzmann, Ralph Hippe, Jürgen Sensch

# 2017-11 «The love for children hypothesis and the multiplicity of fertility rates», Paolo Melindi Ghidi, Thomas Seegmuller

# 2017-12 «Comparison of liability sharing rules for environmental damage: An experiment with different levels of solvency», Serge Garcia, Julien Jacob, Eve-Angéline Lambert

# 2017-13 «Speculation rather than enterprise? Keynes’ beauty contest revisited in theory and experiment», Kene Boun My, Camille Cornand, Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira

# 2017-14 «Equilibria in discrete and continuous second price all-pay auctions, convergence or yoyo phenomena.», Gisèle Umbhauer

# 2017-15 «How multiplicative uncertainty affects the tradeoff between information disclosure and stabilisation policy?», Meixing Dai, Moïse Sidiropoulos

# 2017-16 «Second price all-pay auctions, how much money do players get or lose? », Gisèle Umbhauer

# 2017-17 «Industrialization as a Deskilling Process? Steam Engines and Human Capital in XIXth Century France», Claude Diebolt, Charlotte Le Chapelain, Audrey-Rose Menard

# 2017-18 «Some “unexpected proximities” between Schultz and Galbraith on human capital», Alexandre Chirat, Charlotte Le Chapelain

# 2017-19 «Structural Changes and Growth Regime», Tommaso Ciarli, Andre Lorentz, Marco Valente, Maria Savona

# 2017-20 «The Norm of Equality in Amartya Sen’s Idea of Justice: From “Equality of What?” to “Why Equality?” », Cyrielle Poiraud

# 2017-21 «The drunk side of trust: Social capital generation at gathering events», Giuseppe Attanasi, Stefania Bortolotti, Simona Cicognani, Antonio Filippin

# 2017-22 «An economic model of metapopulation dynamics», Stefano BOSI, David DESMARCHELIER

# 2017-23 «Biodiversity, infectious diseases and the dilution effect», Stefano BOSI, David DESMARCHELIER, Manh Hung NGUYEN

# 2017-24 «Determinants of the Adoption of Organic Tea Production in Northern Vietnam: A Robustness Analysis», Nicolas Lampach, Phu Nguyen-Van, Nguyen To-The

# 2017-25 «Can inflation contract discipline central bankers when agents are learning? », Marine Charlotte André, Meixing Dai

# 2017-26 «The Dissertations of Michela Giorcelli, Trevor Jackson, and Craig Palsson: 2017 Alexander Gerschenkron Prize Competition », Claude DIEBOLT

# 2017-27 «Emergent structures in faculty hiring networks and the effects of mobility on academic performance», Robin Cowan, Giulia Rossello


# 2017-29 «Prix du blé, régulations et croissance économique : L’analyse cliométrique permet-elle de trancher le débat sur les bleds des années 1750 ? », Jean-Daniel Boyer, Magali Jaoul-Grammare, Sylvie Rivot

# 2017-30 «Are the risks of being creative manageable? The case of public research in Hard Science. », Ylenia Curci, Mireille Matt, Isabelle Billard, Thierry Burger-Helmchen

# 2017-31 «Fiscal decentralization and the performance of higher education institutions: the case of Europe », Julien Jacqmin, Mathieu Lefebvre

# 2017-32 «The Italian North-South Divide in Perceived Dishonesty: A Matter of Trust? », Giuseppe Attanasi, Alessandro Bucciol, Simona Cicognani, Natalia Montinari

# 2017-33 «Electricity (De)Regulation and Innovation», Marianna Marino, Pierpaolo Parrotta, Giacomo Vallettaz


# 2017-35 «Smarter Teachers, Smarter Pupils? Some New Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa », Nadir Altinok, Manos Antoninis, Phu Nguyen-Van

# 2017-36 «Nudging with heterogeneity in terms of environmental sensitivity : a public goods experiment in networks », Benjamin Ouvrard, Anne Stenger

# 2017-37 «Learning, optimal monetary delegation and stock prices dynamics», Marine Charlotte André, Meixing Dai

# 2017-38 «When union’s activity matters: The impact of union centralization on economic growth in OECD countries», Phu Nguyen-Van, Isabelle Terraz