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Working Papers - 2019

# 2019-01 «The Cliometric Model of Glutting: An Experimental Analysis», Claude DIEBOLT, Magali JAOUL-GRAMMARE

# 2019-02 «Human Capital and Economic Growth», Claude DIEBOLT, Charlotte LE CHAPELAIN

# 2019-03 «Lawyer Fee Arrangements and Litigation Outcomes: An Auction-Theoretic Perspective», Yannick Gabuthy, Pierre-Henri Morand

# 2019-04 «Union Membership in France: An Empirical Study», Olivier Guillot, Magali Jaoul-Grammare, Isabelle Terraz

# 2019-05 «Promoting socially desirable behaviors: experimental comparison of the procedures of persuasion and commitment.», Cécile Bazart, Mathieu Lefebvre, Julie Rosaz

# 2019-06 «Testing Nonlinearity through a Logistic Smooth Transition AR Model with Logistic Smooth Transition GARCH Errors», Mohamed Chikhi, Claude Diebolt

# 2019-07 «Neither the elite, nor the mass. The rise of intermediate human capital during the French industrialization process», Claude Diebolt, Charlotte Le Chapelain, Audrey Rose Menard

# 2019-08 «Controlling Monopoly Power in a Classroom Double-Auction Market Experiment», Giuseppe Attanasi, Kene Boun My, Andrea Guido, Mathieu Lefevbre

# 2019-09 «Actions en justice et rémunération des avocats : une revue de la littérature », Myriam Doriat-Duban, Yannick Gabuthy, Eve-Angéline Lambert

# 2019-10 «How Cliometrics has Infiltrated Economics – and Helped to Improve the Discipline», Claude Diebolt, Michael Haupert

# 2019-11 «The Smithian Market of Religions and its Legacy: Another Great Schism between Economics and Sociology?», Georges El Haddad

# 2019-12 «What Drives Size Reductions for Protected Areas? Evidence about PADDD from across the Brazilian Amazon », Derya Keles, Philippe Delacote, Alexander Pfaff, Siyu Qin, Michael B. Mascia

# 2019-13 «Traveler’s dilemma : how the value of the luggage influences behavior», Gisèle Umbhauer

# 2019-14 «Méthodologie et outil de définition de la stratégie de transition 4.0 pour la chaine logistique », Ioana Deniaud, François Marmier, Jean-Louis Michalak

# 2019-15 «Structural Transformations and Cumulative Causation: Towards an Evolutionary Micro-foundation of the Kaldorian Growth Model», Andre Lorentz, Tommaso Ciarli, Maria Savona, Marco Valente

# 2019-16 «Employment protection reform in European labor markets: the collective bargaining regime matters.», Francesco De Palma, Yann Thommen

# 2019-17 «Approval voting and Shapley ranking», Pierre Dehez, Victor Ginsburgh

# 2019-18 «Are risk preferences stable ? A field experiment in Congo Basin countries», Marielle Brunette, Jonas Ngouhouo-Poufoun

# 2019-19 «Legitimacy and Incentives in a Labour Relationship», Emilien Prost

# 2019-20 «Which kind of ability bolsters legitimacy?», Emilien Prost

# 2019-21 «The Hidden Effect of Meritocratic Promotion Procedure: Experimental Evidence», Emilien Prost, Gaye del Lo

# 2019-22 «Foreign aid, recipient government’s fiscal behavior, and economic growth», Ngoc-Sang PHAM, Thi Kim Cuong PHAM

# 2019-23 «The Gold Standard and the Great Depression: a Dynamic General Equilibrium Model», Luca Pensieroso, Romain Restout

# 2019-24 «Memory that Drives! New Insights into Forecasting Performance of Stock Prices from SEMIFARMA-AEGAS Model », Mohamed Chikhi, Claude Diebolt, Tapas Mishra

# 2019-25 «Wheels and cycles: (sub)optimality and volatility of corrupted economies», Stefano BOSI, David DESMARCHELIER, Thai HA-HUY

# 2019-26 «Parental Leave and Life Satisfaction: The Dutch case », Laetitia Dillenseger, Martijn Burger, Francis Munier

# 2019-27 «Reexamining the growth effects of ENSO: the role of local weather conditions », Cécile Couharde, Olivier Damette, Rémi Generoso, Kamiar Mohaddes

# 2019-28 «Gordon Tullock on Majority Voting: the Making of a Conviction», Julien Grandjean

# 2019-29 «Inflation, Unemployment and Happiness: empirical evidences of the contribution of Economic Growth», Jalal El ouardighi, Francis Munier

# 2019-30 «Measuring Success: Clio and the Value of Database Creation», Claude DIEBOLT, Michael J. HAUPERT

# 2019-31 «About the relationship between renewable energy and oil markets », Gaye Del Lo

# 2019-32 «Un héritage des Annales, la cliométrie à Strasbourg», Claude DIEBOLT, Michel HAU

# 2019-33 «Risk pooling and ruin probability, or why high risks are not bad risks », Debora Zaparova, Sandrine Spaeter

# 2019-34 «Environmental Quality and Monopoly Pricing», Rabah Amir, Adriana Gama, Isabelle Maret

# 2019-35 «Women Leaders in Industry in Nineteenth Century France: The Case of Amélie de Dietrich», Herrade Igersheim, Charlotte Le Chapelain

# 2019-36 «Some Issues on the Vietnam Economic Growth», Phuong Le , Cuong Le Van , Anh Ngoc Nguyen , Ngoc Minh Nguyen , Phu Nguyen-Van , Dinh-Tri Vo

# 2019-37 «Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivators on creative collaboration: The effect of sharing rewards», Giuseppe Attanasi, Ylenia Curci, Patrick Llerena, Giulia Urso

# 2019-38 «Looking at Creativity from East to West: Risk Taking and Intrinsic Motivation in Socially and Culturally Diverse Countries», Giuseppe Attanasi, Ylenia Curci, Patrick Llerena, Adriana Carolina Pinate, Maria del Pino Ramos-Sosa, Giulia Urso

# 2019-39 «Individually-Consistent Sequential Equilibrium», Gisèle Umbhauer, Arnaud Wolff

# 2019-40 «National Fiscal Rules Adoption and Fiscal Discipline in the European Union», Amelie BARBIER-GAUCHARD, Kea BARET, Alexandru MINEA

# 2019-41 «On the Function of Beliefs in Strategic Social Interactions», Arnaud Wolff

# 2019-42 «Innovation and Entrepreneurs’ Subjective Well-being The mediation effect of job satisfaction and satisfaction with work-life balance», Jiequn Liu, Francis Munier

# 2019-43 «Does Predictive Ability of an Asset Price Rest in 'Memory'? Insights from a New Approach », Mohamed CHIKHI, Claude DIEBOLT, Tapas MISHRA

# 2019-44 «Gender Equality as an Enforcer of Individuals’ Choice between Education and Fertility: Evidence from 19th Century France», Claude Diebolt, Tapas Mishra, Faustine Perrin

# 2019-45 «Productivity Dynamics in French Woodworking Industries», Enrico De Monte, Anne-Laure Levet

# 2019-46 «Opening the black box of university-suppliers' co-invention: some field study evidence.», Sofia Patsali

# 2019-47 «Instabilité démocratique et économie : une relecture historique et méthodologique de la théorie électorale de Downs», Julien Grandjean

# 2019-48 «On the Stability and Growth Pact compliance: what is predictable with machine learning? », Kea BARET, Theophilos PAPADIMITRIOU

# 2019-49 «Symmetric and asymmetric effects of exchange rates on money demand: Empirical evidence from Vietnam?», Sy-Hoa Ho, Jamel Saadaoui