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Working Papers - 2018

# 2018-01 «Cliometrics», Claude Diebolt, Michael Haupert

# 2018-02 «Expertise économique et droit français de la concurrence», Marc Deschamps, Bruno Jeandidier

# 2018-03 «Legal Advertising and Frivolous Lawsuits», Yannick Gabuthy, Eve-Angéline Lambert

# 2018-04 «Bargaining and Hold-up: The Role of Arbitration», Yannick Gabuthy, Abhinay Muthoo

# 2018-05 «Enseigner les structures de marché et stratégies de concurrence avec les jeux pédagogiques», Yannick Gabuthy, Eve-Angéline Lambert

# 2018-06 «De quoi une « allocation universelle » est-elle la rémunération ?», Philippe Gillig

# 2018-07 «L’intégration de l’UEMOA est-elle pro-croissance ?», Blaise Gnimassoun

# 2018-08 «The Diaspora and Economic Development in Africa», Blaise Gnimassoun, John C. Anyanwu

# 2018-09 «Regional Integration: Do intra-African trade and migration improve income in Africa?», Blaise Gnimassoun

# 2018-10 «The tale of two international phenomena: International migration and global imbalances», Dramane Coulibaly, Blaise Gnimassoun, Valérie Mignon

# 2018-11 «Pollution effects on disease transmission and economic stability», Stefano BOSI, David DESMARCHELIER

# 2018-12 «The informal care provision: what are the genuine incentives of children ?», Marie Blaise

# 2018-13 «Learning outside the factory: the impact of technological change on the rise of adult education in nineteenth-century France», Claude Diebolt, Charlotte Le Chapelain, Audrey Rose Menard

# 2018-14 «The time and the transitions back to work in France after maternity», Bruno Rodrigues, Vincent Vergnat

# 2018-15 «Les décisions des jeunes à l’entrée dans la vie adulte en France : la famille, un facteur primordial ? », Audrey Rose Menard, Vincent Vergnat

# 2018-16 «Risk and Refugee Migration», Geraldine Bocquého, Marc Deschamps, Jenny Helstroffer, Julien Jacob, Majlinda Joxhe

# 2018-17 «On Lawyer Compensation When Appeals Are Possible », Christian At, Tim Friehe, Yannick Gabuthy

# 2018-18 «L’Edit de la paulette 1604 : une marchandisation des finances royales sans marchand», Nicolas Pinsard, Yamina Tadjeddine

# 2018-19 «Is a peaceful cohabitation between living species possible? An empirical analysis on the drivers of threatened species», Laté Ayao Lawson, Phu Nguyen-Van

# 2018-20 «Patents in the Long Run: Theory, History and Statistics», Claude DIEBOLT & Karine PELLIER

# 2018-21 «La diversité des capitalismes financiers, le cas des Fusions-Acquisition en France», Sylvain Thine et Yamina Tadjeddine

# 2018-22 «RELATIVE PRODUCTIVITY AND SEARCH UNEMPLOYMENT IN AN OPEN ECONOMY», Luisito Bertinelli, Olivier Cardi, Romain Restout

# 2018-23 «Endogenous heterogeneity in duopoly with deterministic one-way spillovers», Adriana Gama, Isabelle Maret, Virginie Masson

# 2018-24 «Information sharing is not always the right option when it comes to CPR extraction management: experimental findings», Dimitri Dubois, Stefano Farolfi, Phu Nguyen-Van, Juliette Rouchier

# 2018-25 «We are Ninjas: How Economic History has Infiltrated Economics », Claude Diebolt, Michael Haupert

# 2018-26 «Integrating non-timber objectives into bio-economic models of the forest sector: a review of recent innovations and current shortcomings.», Miguel RIVIERE, Sylvain CAURLA

# 2018-27 «Institutions and geography: A "two sides of the same coin" story of primary energy use in Sub-Saharan Africa.», Laté Ayao Lawson, Phu Nguyen-Van

# 2018-28 «Country-specific fiscal reaction functions: what lessons for EMU ?», Amélie BARBIER-GAUCHARD, Nicolas MAZUY

# 2018-29 «Keeping Up with or Running Away from the Joneses: the Barro Model Revisited.», Thi Kim Cuong Pham

# 2018-30 «Rethinking Family Policies: Fertility Choices and the Labor Market in France», Nelly El-Mallakh

# 2018-31 «Environmental Quality and Monopoly Pricing», Rabah Amir, Isabelle Maret

# 2018-32 «Missing Poor in the U.S.», Mathieu Lefebvre, Pierre Pestieau, Gregory Ponthiere

# 2018-33 «Is the South African economy likely to fall back into recession in 2018-2019?», Francis Bismans

# 2018-34 «Technological change and economic development: endogenous and exogenous fluctuations», Marianna Epicoco

# 2018-35 «What drives the withdrawal of protected areas? Evidence from the Brazilian Amazon», Derya Keles, Philippe Delacote, Alexander Pfaff

# 2018-36 «Other-Regarding Preferences and Giving Decision in Risky Environments: Experimental Evidence », MICKAEL BEAUD, MATHIEU LEFEBVRE, JULIE ROSAZ

# 2018-37 «Pollution, carrying capacity and the Allee effect», Stefano BOSI, David DESMARCHELIER

# 2018-38 «An economic comparison of adaptation strategies towards a drought-induced risk of forest decline.», Sandrine Brèteau-Amores, Marielle Brunette, Hendrik Davi

# 2018-39 «Why do young people make atypical gender-related study choices? An analysis of French master’s graduates», Magali Jaoul-Grammare

# 2018-40 «On plaintiff preferences regarding methods of compensating lawyers », Tim Friehe, Yannick Gabuthy

# 2018-41 «La mortalité selon le revenu: estimation à partir de données européennes», Marie Blaise, Mathieu Lefebvre

# 2018-42 «Subjective well-being and social comparison: A comparative study on rural Thailand and Vietnam », Thi Kim Cuong Pham, Phu Nguyen-Van, Huu Thanh-Tam Nguyen, Thi Anh-Dao Tran and Kone Noukignonb

# 2018-43 «John Stuart Mill on Wage Inequalities Between Men and Women», Virginie Gouverneur

# 2018-44 «Mesure du temps et temps de la mesure. Cliométrie des prix de gros en Allemagne avant la Première Guerre mondiale », Claude Diebolt, Magali Jaoul-Grammare

# 2018-45 «The limits to robust monetary policy in a small open economy with learning agents», Marine Charlotte André, Meixing Dai

# 2018-46 «'The winner takes it all' or a story of the optimal allocation of the European Cohesion Fund», Benoit Dicharry, Phu Nguyen-Van, Thi Kim Cuong Pham

# 2018-47 «Preferences and strategic behavior in public goods games », Gilles Grandjean, Mathieu Lefebvre, Marco Mantovani

# 2018-48 «Measuring the Effect of Agricultural Extension on Technical Efficiency in Crop Farming: Meta-Regression Analysis », Nicolas Lampach, Phu Nguyen-Van, Nguyen To-The

# 2018-49 «Vers la compréhension de l’entrepreneur de demain : s’inspirer de l’entrepreneur dans les industries culturelles et créatives.», Véronique Dutraive, Bérangère L. Szostak, André Tiran